Home Pressure Washing Basics

Home pressure washing is the process of using high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, mold and mildew from the exterior of your house. It can be done as a DIY project or by hiring a professional Reston Pressure washing services to do the work for you.

If you’re looking to sell your house in the near future, then you may want to consider pressure washing your home before you put it on the market. It can increase the value of your property, which is always a good thing.

It can also be used to make the paint on your home look brand new. This is a great way to give your home a fresh look, and it can help you sell the property in a much shorter period of time.

You can do this yourself, but you will need to make sure that you have the right equipment and safety precautions in place. If you are not comfortable with this task, it is best to hire a professional Reston, VA power washing company.

Before you begin, be sure that your home is free of any loose debris such as leaves or sticks. This will ensure that the power washer doesn’t damage any of your exterior material.

Wearing protective gear is very important when pressure washing a home, especially when you are using chemicals. You will need long-sleeved shirts and pants, closed-toe shoes or work boots, and safety goggles.

Turn off all the outside electrical outlets to prevent any electrical damage to your home or to the power washer. This is important to do before you start the job, because this will avoid the need to call an electrician to fix any damages.

You can buy a variety of pressure washer accessories that will help you do the job better, such as brushes, surface cleaners and pump sprayers. These tools can be purchased for anywhere from $20 to $50, according to Mike Hoch, a consumer and home improvement writer for the online Home Depot.

Depending on the model of pressure washer you have, you can choose from different nozzles that deliver a specific type of spray pattern. Some are designed to spray horizontally, while others spray vertically. Depending on the area that you’re cleaning, you will need to use different nozzles for each job.

It’s important to choose a nozzle that’s the right size for the area you’re tackling. A nozzle that’s too large or too small can cause more harm than good. Choosing the right size nozzle will make your job faster and easier while preventing damage to your home.

The first step is to test rinse a small area of your home’s exterior to find the perfect distance. This will give you a sense of how close or far away the power washer can spray without causing any damage.

Once you’ve found a suitable distance, you can continue with the pressure washing of your home. However, be sure that you use the highest pressure possible to ensure that all of the dirty dirt and grime are removed from your home’s exterior.